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Its a thing, so I'm doing it too.

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
This particular account 3 Years, But I have been total about 7.

What does your username mean?
Its a Pun on Sabitsuki (The Charcter from .flow), But its also the name of the fan charcter used to depict an AU Suki from my own personal emobdiment.

Describe yourself in three words.

Are you left or right handed?
Ambidextirous, But I started right.
What was your first deviation?
Pheobunny by Sabitha-Suki

I 'drew' this back in 2008, and I only re-posted it on this account in 2012.

What is your favourite type of art to create?

Transformations, they push the boundry of the norm and I enjoy the process of observing changes from natural to unatural.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Probably Sprite art, as its a genre that has unbeknownst potential.

What was your first favourite?

:iconredflare500:'s 'A Day at the park' Series

Day in the park pt3 by Redflare500 A day in the park pt4 by Redflare500

Its what made me join DA so I can favorite it and find other things relative to it.

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

As stated above, Transformation art, usualy one witch displays a ballenced middle ground, or a detailed process.

It also helps to have familiar OC's or Cannonical Charcters

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Honestly Its a Tie Between :iconcomical-weapon: and :iconkecomaster:

Both have superior digital art skills and they always show the most maticulous detail, even in the most unusual situations.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

We have talked for almost as long as I have been On Devient art, and he seems like the type of person who I could sit down at a diner in the middle of nowhere, have a soda with, and talk about stuff.

That isnt to say :iconjonesycat79:
And I havent gone back just as much, but for him it would be for a diffrent discsuion, in regards to our own fantasies and ideas, rather than a more casual gathering.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Well :iconazurechromatic: has given me a few unique experinces in my time here.

For one thing, he introduced me in advertdly into role playing with the old Morpher Academy group he co-founded.

He was also the first to intermix digital art into my morphing and phtomanipluation skills.

As well as giving me coping stratagies when I had to wait up for my folks who were at the hospital with my sister, and when I was socialy exiled for my behaviors from a group, he tought me how to act approprite and improved on my social skills in real life.

So even though I've kept less touch with him than others, its undeniable that he has been a gracious asset to my time here.

What are your preferred tools to create art?

G.I.M.P. and MsPaint

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Locked out by Maki12

:iconmaki12:  Has always given me insparation in the most unusaul ways, but I always look back to the particular picture whenever I am feeling in an artist block.

The rather causual assement and toony solution makes me think about the practicalties of transformations and other toony antics.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
My personal memory was when I first got in touch with :iconkecomaster:. I was worried he wasnt going to be friendly with me commisoning him, but lo and behold he was very carefree and from then on we got closer to each other as friends, even going so far as sending goods from each others countries.
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Aidan Halpin
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello, Im Not an Artist, but I still post n' favorite stuff here.


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