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Thanks to :iconjuacoproductionsarts: and :iconscoots-buragi:

I present this
1. For the first 20 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one) This feature is for original creations only, no fan-characters.

2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I'll feature you after you've made the journal.

1. :iconjuacoproductionsarts:
Why no tf community oc's follow suit of the ancestor Shante is beyond me, but Official Ref Sheet: Shally by JuacoProductionsArts  seems to be the exception, and has a rather giddy and nostalgic feel to it harkening back to the genie olides of yesteryear. Her Jade attire and Indianan appearance leave me to believe potential is within reach!

2. :iconscoots-buragi:
The moment I saw

Mature Content

Scootie by Scoots-Buragi
I knew she would be something special. I have grown fond of scoots oc styles, but this one seems to have a charm that I cant quite figure out. Perhaps its her gentle giant vibe, or maybe that lil flicky tounge.

In any case I pray we see more from her over time.

3. :iconj-don-bonne:
I was tempted to put a diffrent alien for 1, but just before I rested I remembered Team Y2K: Eriss by J-Don-Bonne
Eriss is a strange little life form who has an interesting blend of intersteler qualites and humanoid features and Its hard to truthfully banter against the struggle of a development process I know to well, ala' Emile. Overall Eriss Is a strange little purple creature who may not be good at screwing, by no means has any screws loose for earth wise interaction XD

4. :iconmatigool:

Man your charcters are hidden.  Well thats a minor complaint, there realy was only two to chose so  I guess Katia By Alexandra Fanedurt by matigool beats out the villan. I confess, the backstory alone caught my eye- I mean being sealed cryogenicly does have its temporal shenanagins, but its nice to see some acutual stats to take note of. Overall an atypical rubber girl, for an atypical user.

I'll say from the getgo; I was worried what I would find with a stock icon.  I almost found nothing, but then I found  Sonya by TehMaster001 by JuacoProductionsArts . Props to my man :iconjuacoproductionsarts: for Throwing me a bone on this one art wise. I must admit this is one of the more plain oc's up here; and belive me thats NOT a bad thing (I say this with experince). In any case sonya strikes me as one of those childhood friends who likes to one up all the cool kids, but ends up making her friends laugh than jellous. While theres not alot of backstory to give, other than she comes from a rich family, perhaps I could provide words to the wordless given the opurtinty.

6. :icondaemonking:
There wasnt any doubt going through here that

Mature Content

Demi ref sheet by DaemonKing
  would end up up here. What can I say, she's a legend through out the comunity. Honestly though, I enjoy her rather silent demonic design, and just enough flab to not be considered "Weight gained". Plus, she always seems to have the perfect expression when scrambled up

Mature Content

Carrie's Mural by DaemonKing
or tfed Random comic 5 by DaemonKing,  and thats always good in my book.


Never have I used the words "Deciptivly" and "Cute" To describe a single OC. VI - digital ref by D-MENCIA  On the other hand fits the critera well. She is naturaly restive to most elemental challenges, and yet still against all ends up in some sticky situations. Regardless, rarley does she frown and rarley does she need to. A Strong and sweet girl, that is if you dont try to get in a fight.


It was very hard to find an oc in the walls of text, though I was like that back in the day so I mannaged to find Lozen's New Swimsuit? by TheRealYuma . I'l admit there isnt much but magic and a charming apperance to go off of, so I did just that, sorry Lozen Chan ;^^

Hmm this was an intresting discovory of a page. The art is nice and perhaps Id like to work with em soon. Oh right OC; Well like Yuma it was a bit cumbersome to find one but I salvaged this little heroine here Rubbeca by VacuumVorer She's defeintly got some color and spunk, but personality is a mystery to me. Maybe that is the charm, I can not say =w=











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Hello, Im Not an Artist, but I still post n' favorite stuff here.


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