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A Very SabithaSuki OC Post by Dragon-FangX

Though as Unfair as it is to critique on my own characters ( So I feel biased judging originality so I capped it as an average) this is based solely on Impact, technge, and vision alone.

Let me start by saying all these characters have been drawn to perfection. With only one of these characters being drawn in a prior work, It seems Dragon Has done his best to perfect all details. The heightment is possibly the strongest aspect as they are all drawn to request of scale. The palette is also picturesque to all in it that all the colors are matched to what has been commissioned, even some modifications to the original references, at request. Finlay, the posing is actually quite accurate to the personalities, even without prior knowledge to what was told about them. My only visible complaint is minor and personal, mostly the mis-spelling of buns,buns and who holds him in the pic, but this is mostly on part of my fault of exclamation ;^^. In short, a fantastic piece with quite a bit of use for the future. Thanks Dragon Fang, you deserve a medal doc!
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